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Depraved Indifference – Eric Ludy

January 6, 2011

For our King, and for His glory!

Seeing something like this- media that so effectively communicates the intensity of God’s heart for the poor- makes me uncomfortable. I feel that way because I think we are becoming less and less sensitive to the shocking realities of injustice. I believe that my generation is going to stand up for the rights of the poor in ways that no other generation has, but I also believe that we are at a huge risk of becoming indifferent. Part of this comes out of our continual exposure to information, statistics, images, and stories of what life is like for the world’s majority. We have seen it often enough that somehow we manage to be less upset by injustice than other generations may have. Another part of our indifference may be because of the noise that drowns out the cry of the poor, and the call of our Father. The din of our lives- media, entertainment, busyness, materialism- so many things that can distract us from hearing what we so badly need to hear.

This year, I want to be intentional about turning off the noise. Filter out the unimportant stuff and tune in more closely to what God is saying and the way he is speaking to me about injustice. Forget filling my mind and time with things that distract me. I want to be completely sensitive to what breaks God’s heart.

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