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Simple, not easy.

January 9, 2011

Every time you sacrifice something at great cost, every time you renounce something that appeals to you for the sake of the poor – you are feeding a hungry Christ.– Mother Teresa
Reading this makes my heart hurt, because it reminds me that the journey of being sent – this choice to go and practice compassion far from home comes at a cost. It wasn’t until I had been overseas for a while that I started to appreciate what that cost might look like. As I have heard and read the stories of others, the list of sacrifices grows- missing family events, giving up a relationship, losing touch with friends, feeling so isolated and lonely…but at the same time, these words from Mother Theresa are a reminder about how worthwhile the cost is. That the sacrifices are never, ever in vain- if our discomfort and brokenness further the cause of the poor, then we are building the Kingdom. Simple, but not easy.

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