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10 Must Read Social Justice Books

February 6, 2011

If you’re new to this justice movement there are a few things that you need to know.

1. TOMS shoes are for hipsters. If you can’t take that label, don’t buy the shoes.
2. I guess that means there are a lot of little hipsters in third world countries…
3. The term “third world” is passe. I hear “developing countries” is on its way out as well.

Besides that, everything you need to know about social justice can be found in a series of posts coming up this week. They’re some of the best, written from a variety of perspectives (religious and other) and a great start on this journey of understanding what justice looks like.

Book #10 – Everybody Wants To Change The World: Practical Ideas for Social Justice

This book, written by Tony Campolo and Gordon Aeschliman, is packed with practical ideas to start changing your own community and extends to some more far-reaching strategies as well. Campolo includes suggestions about working with the poor to honoring and assisting the elderly; helping immigrants assimilate and supporting the sick; respecting and serving the disabled, showing compassion to those in prison, and caring for the environment. Makes a good group study. Campolo has many books that are tied in to the social justice theme, and seem to be most enjoyed by a mature reader (translation: my dad likes them).


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