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#2 on the Social Justice Book List

February 21, 2011

Hope in the Dark by Jeremy Cowart

I first saw this book in Kampala’s Aristoc book store (Garden City Mall) while I was in Uganda. A friend and I poured over the photos, quotes, reflections, and stories in Hope in the Dark, and I found that what Cowart photographed and Lee wrote were exactly what I didn’t have the words to express and helped me understand so much more about God’s heart for the poor. I regretted not buying the book afterwards because it was on my mind for months afterwards but it was hard to find a copy in any Canadian bookstores.

Well, that friend went back to the bookstore in Kampala and brought me Hope in the Dark for Christmas. I enjoy it just as much now as the first time I saw it! Beautiful photography and stunning reflections and truths. I highly recommend buying this book and putting it right on your coffee table. It is that good.

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