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Multitude Monday, on a Saturday

March 12, 2011

100. Stirrings of new things at Grebel, especially guys who get together and talk about hard stuff

101. Fresh bagels with friends on a Saturday morning

102. Cake pops at starbucks

103. enjoying cold water in a cute cup with a striped straw

104. Plans underway for the All Ontario Youth Convention – going to be such a great weekend!

105. Grace to figure things out a bit at a time, and peace to not know what is coming next

106. Wild and humbling opportunities that remind me how loved and trusted I am- and the freedom to say no to some things, without shame

107. Snow blanketing the field out the window, instead of the slush that was there yesterday

108. Business cards with my name on them

109. Space to disagree and being humbled when I find out (again) that I don’t know everything

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