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Lunch Hour Crafts #3

June 1, 2011

Why hello there! This might be the easiest craft you ever see on here. Basically, you will be sewing in one line, and then breaking out the hot glue gun to embellish however your creative mind will allow.

I really did have good intentions about doing something other than headbands this week. As you can see, this is another headband. Not sure how that happened.

You’ll need a piece of elastic that is big enough to fit around your head. We’re not talking the type of elastic that we used for the other headband…go to the fabric store and look for stretchy lace, like the type that goes around the top of cute aerie underwear. Just saying.

This is the type of elastic I’m talking about. The little silk flowers are for embellishing. You could pick anything for that, though.

Join the ends of the elastic, one end over the other, with a straight stitch on the sewing machine. Turn it around, and sew over the same line again. And once more….maybe again if you’re a Type A. Those overachievers…

Next, break out the glue gun and heat it up. Leave it unattended, unless you have kittens nearby, then you shouldn’t. Now the fun starts- how do you want to embellish?

For this one, I disassembled two silk flowers and glued some of the petals together right on the headband. I put a little jewel in the middle. You could do something else…like felt flowers (great tutorial over there) and pearls or peacock feathers…really there is nothing stopping you from trying anything you want.

For more inspiration, check out Etsy (start here, here, and here). And believe in yourself, because if you can see it, you can make it.

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  1. June 2, 2011 9:20 pm

    Love these! They are so cute for babies too!

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