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Lunch Hour Crafts #4- Reversible Bibs

June 14, 2011

I know, I know. The majority of people reading this tutorial don’t have babies (yet) and bibs probably haven’t been on their list of things to make (yet), but I’m believing three things. First, every craft gives opportunities to learn new skills and imagine creative ways of making other handmade items. Second, the best gifts are handmade. Third, these bibs are exceedingly cute and you’ll be jealous that it isn’t socially acceptable for university students to wear them (yet?).

With that in mind, this is a craft you really need to try out. To start, you’ll need two coordinating pieces of flannel (or other fabric if you want to get wild), a sewing machine and thread that matches your fabric, a pattern cut out on paper (I use a variation of this one), a set of velcro tabs (or snaps if you know how to use those), an iron, and a needle and thread for attaching velcro.

Begin by folding your first piece of fabric in half, line up the fold with the “fold” edge of the pattern, and pin the pattern in place. Carefully cut around it (don’t cut the fold edge!) and unpin the pattern. You should have a piece of fabric that fairly closely resembles a bib. Do the same with the other piece of flannel, and lay them one on top of the other, with right sides (the side of the fabric that looks good) facing together.

Stitch the two pieces together, leaving a 1/4″ seam, and leave a 3″ gap at the bottom of the bib.

Turn the bib inside out (through the gap at the bottom, aha!) and press the whole thing with the iron. It can be hard to turn the bib straps out. Try using capped pen or a chopstick. The gap at the bottom will be sewn shut when you topstitch the whole bib, so try to turn in the edges of the gap and iron them to look like the rest of the edges.

Topstitch around the whole bib (1/4″ from the edge), going slowly around the straps, and paying special attention to the gap.

Position the velcro on the end of the straps, and sew it on (by hand) with several very secure stitches. If it is not adhesive-backed, you may be able to sew it on the machine. I had some moments of annoyance as the adhesive making my needle sticky and consequently very hard to work with.  It makes me fairly sure I won’t ever buy self-basting velcro ever again, but don’t hold me to that.

There you have it! The bib is done, and you can put it through the wash once if you’d like. Make a whole set with coordinating prints and you have a beautiful handmade shower gift! Or, make even more and send them to Affinity Young Moms to give to young mothers who might not have sweet little bibs for their babies.

In other news, I have some exciting news- Lunch Hour Crafts is going to be on Etsy very soon! Can’t wait!

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  1. June 17, 2011 3:25 am

    Hey, I love your blog! I wanted to ask…how do you “follow” a wordpress blog?

    • June 17, 2011 5:36 pm

      Thanks! I really enjoy yours too. I haven’t seen a Follow feature available for WordPress…I normally just throw it into an RSS feed. Sorry 😦

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