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Coming up next week: Mug Rugs!

June 30, 2011

Mug rug? Mug’s rugs? Rugs for mugs? Mugs on rugs? You must think I have lost it. Too much coffee, too many crafts (impossible!) and too much time in the office. Well, you may be correct on that third one, but you’ll see next week that mug rugs are one of the best crafts out there.

A mug rug is essentially a large quilted coaster that just begs for a cookie to be nestled beside your mug- if the space is there, you really ought to fill it with baking. Let’s be reasonable. Anyways, the mug rug protects your desk or counter from those annoying coffee mug rings and from crumbs, and let’s face it- they look adorable (more pictures next week- the sneak peak is all you get till the set is done!).

Another amazing quality of mug rugs is that they allow you to learn the entire quilting process in a totally manageable way. When you’re finished your mug rug, you can tell people you made a quilt. Granted, it won’t be big enough for a Barbie (finishes at 6″x8″ or so) but tell the world- you’re a quilter!

For this project you’ll need a few pieces of fabric (fat quarters are fine), some batting (8″x8″) and a sewing machine. That’s it! Get ready for a rocking week of mug rugs, and happy Canada Day to my readers up here in the great white North.

Check out the Lunch Hour Crafts shop on Etsy 🙂 All proceeds to Safe Refuge- they’re launching a new site soon which I’m really excited to link you all up to!

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