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Community needs creativity…

July 29, 2011

A great article from Relevant magazine to share with you on this lovely long weekend Friday.

“The rise of an increasingly hyper-local society, an increasing demand for all things organic, the demise of the current economy mix with the emergence of powerful e-commerce tools to provide the perfect concoction for a future that values the local artisan. It resembles 18th century colonial society but with more advanced trading tools, a society where individuals shift from being transient and egocentric to members of tightly-knit communities exchanging goods with each other without driving too far for them or gambling their trust.

It’s the artisans who will successfully navigate through their creative goals without breaking the balance of their bank account, who can create something of tangible value in a world scraping to monetize digital space, who can craft something with the ability to possess both a history and a future, something unique worth preserving.”

Read the rest here.

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