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August 29, 2011

Check this one out- a Lunch Bag tutorial, just in time for some back to school sewing…although at this point, I’m quite sure you all have a few other things to wrap up this week.

My advice is to do the fun stuff this week, and the responsible stuff after the long weekend. The last week of summer just comes once a year, so live it up and go to the splash pad a few more times, or walk to the store and buy a whole tub of ice cream and promise to try and eat the whole thing, or take a spontaneous camping trip. I’m not sure whether sewing lunch bags falls under “fun stuff” or “responsible stuff”- could it be both??? Your call.

Sidenote: I have always felt weird about the end of summer. This year, I expected it would be less weird since I won’t be a student again anytime soon. Nope, still weird. The end of August feels nostalgic and sad. It feels like we didn’t do everything, and that we did more than we planned. It feels like there are still some long dusk walks that need to happen and frisbees that need to be chased down. It feels like I need to do crafts to fill the summertime hole in my heart and try and forget the winter wasteland wonderland that will arrive in a few months.

Anybody sick of barbequed hamburgers? Not this kid. No way, never. Fudgsicles too.

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  1. Alysha permalink
    August 29, 2011 8:16 pm

    I agree Natasha, there’s something about the end of summer that seems, well, sad.

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