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Book Review: Take This Bread, Sara Miles

September 8, 2011

Take This Bread is the memoir of Sara Miles, a writer living in California, who experienced an unusual and radical conversion in her mid-40’s to Christianity immediately after recieving the sacrament of communion for the first time. She hadn’t planned on coming into a church that day, or ever, but something brought her into a local Episcopal church. After becoming a part of their congregation following her conversion, she begins a food bank within the church to feed the hungry in the vicinity of the church. Take This Bread chronicles the journey that she went on as she learned to take God’s call seriously.

This book worked well for a book-club style discussion group (there are a few discussion starters in the back) and taught our group a lot about the ways in which our churches may have messed up communion. We found ourselves asking questions like “Who is Jesus’s body really for?” and “Why did communion become a tiny mouthful of bread and little sip of juice, when maybe it was meant to be a feast?” and having meaningful conversations around these topics.

I would definitely recommend this book. Miles is surprising, funny, and unusual- but her story is important for the Church to hear and has challenged my views on communion and community.

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