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Calling all Photographers

September 19, 2011

(and other craft enthusiasts)

You know that your work is valuable and means a lot to people. When one of your clients receives the beautiful images from a session that they invested in, it is something that they treasure, share with friends and family living far away, and admire for years. It is a service that people value- that is why they pay for it.

Have you thought about the people who can’t, and probably will never, have the resources to have their photos taken? I remember some of my friends in Uganda who had one or two pictures hanging in their houses- they would point them out to me every time and tell me all about the context of the photo, quite proud of how “smart” they look. It was a big deal to them to have photos of themselves or family members.

Can you watch this video and take some time to think about people in your life who you could serve with your photography (sewing, cardmaking, quilting, crafting, etc) skills? Maybe it is a young mom and her child- someone who would love to have newborn photos but can’t really even afford to have them printed, let alone hire a pro to take them. Maybe you could visit local seniors who have grandkids living far away- take their photos and help them mail one to family. Whoever it is, do it for them and spread some hope as we approach the holidays.

Let me know in the comments if you have other ideas of ways people can use crafting skills to bless a hurting world!

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