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Lunch Hour Crafts #10- Fancy Tissue Flowers

September 22, 2011

I started making these after volunteering to create the decorations for a wedding shower this past weekend. I was inspired by a lot of pictures of snack tables on Pinterest…those classy ones where everything matches and there are garlands and buntings, and lots of glass cake stands? Well, due to time and talent constraints, I didn’t quite achieve Pinterest-level glory, but I did come up with some cute decorations and had fun doing it.

One thing I learned while making these tissue flowers is that Martha Stewart was not the first one to make them. Ladies at the shower kept seeing them and telling me about how many hours they spent making kleenex flowers as kids, or for their weddings, or to decorate their cars after the wedding- this is apparently a skill that was lost when kleenexes stopped coming in different colors. Whatever the reason, it is high time that my generation picked up this skill as these are great little decorations for lots of occasions.

To start, get a pack of tissue paper in whatever colour you’d like. Larger flowers need more layers of paper in order to be “full” looking. Make a stack of paper with about 6 sheets, and cut a rectangle about 20″x10″, or whatever similar size rectangle makes sense to you, making sure that the width is twice the length.

Fold in half to get a square that is now 12 sheets thick in total, with a fold on one side (do NOT put the fold at the top or bottom- put it to the side, and you’ll cut it off later).

Starting at the bottom, accordion-fold the whole stack at about 3/4″ intervals, all the way to the top.

Secure the center with wire (20-gauge is fine), using needlenose pliers to pinch the wire nice and tight, and twisting at the top.

Carefully round each end, making sure to cut through all layers. This will make it look awesome. I don’t really know how, but it does. Don’t forget this step.

Unfold the pleats, and begin separating the layers. Fluff it up till it looks like a flower, and attach to ribbon to hang. You can also put these in a glass cake stand, or fill apothecary jars or vases. There are a lot of things you can do with these.

We hung these around a window where the cake and gift table sat at the shower. I also cut out circles of cardstock to spell “Congratulations Melissa” (the bride) and attached those back and front to a ribbon to hang as a garland. Simple and sweet!

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