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Wedding Craft Review: Crochet and Tulle Dresses

October 1, 2011

While several friends of mine prepared to get married this past summer (last wedding of the year is tomorrow!) each of them asked me to be involved in their wedding by making some special things. For one amazing and beautiful friend, Angela, I got to design flower girl dresses for her spunky younger sister and two sweet cousins based on some we had seen online- a crochet top, tulle skirt. As I started on the crochet part, I realized that making these dresses was going to challenge my skills and creativity especially since the girls wouldn’t be able to try on the dresses until the day before the wedding. Gulp. Hello, crafting insomnia and dress nightmares (it is a real thing and I’m not kidding).

Well, the sleepless nights paid off. Everyone in the wedding, flowergirls included, made it down the aisle fully clothed and looking pretty amazing.

In hindsight, the cotton I used to crochet the bodices wasn’t as sturdy as I expected and seemed to stretch out as the tulle weighed it down (isn’t tulle, like, weightless? My thoughts exactly…) but I made a few modifications and after a bit of last-minute hand sewing in the hotel room, I basted the bodices onto the straps so they wouldn’t stretch out. The most exciting crafting emergency I’ve ever dealt with came when one flowergirl tripped on her tulle just before the ceremony, and ripped the strap, so a quick-thinking bridesmaid pinned it in place and we sewed it back on right after the ceremony.

It was such an honour to do this for Scott and Angela! I was so proud to see the girls having fun twirling in their dresses afterwards and it all made me thankful for the ways I get to participate in my friends’ lives, especially in the big events like this. Congrats again, Scott and Angela!

Check out Riverstone Photography‘s page for more photos.

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