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Wedding Review: 100+ Cupcakes

October 3, 2011

Karlyn and Morley’s gorgeous August wedding was a lot of fun. For them, Meghan and I (below) made cupcakes with sleeves to match the wedding colours. We got pretty into it- even holding a “tasting” earlier in the summer for a bunch of friends (and K&M, of course) to preview flavours and settle on the optimal icing and cake combination. We settled on lemon with white buttercream, and vanilla with caramel filling (PC Dulce Du Leche…oh, wow. This stuff is good.) and vanilla buttercream.

The cupcakes themselves were surprisingly easy to do, all finished in 5 or so hours leading up to the wedding. The sleeves took a bit more time and were made in the weeks before the wedding. Have you seen those little lacy cupcake wrappers you can buy at craft stores or baking outlets? They’re so expensive! Paying $0.30 per cupcake for a little paper that people will toss anyways, especially when making 100+ cupcakes, just seemed like a waste to us. So we started with this pattern, trimming and resizing to be perfect for the cupcakes we were making, made a cardboard template, and traced 5 onto each sheet of cardstock. After cutting these out, Meghan taped each one- in hindsight, maybe glue AND tape would have been a better choice. A few came undone before the ceremony, but we fixed them up.The final product- 115 cupcakes on a few cute cakestands- we were happy with it! The wedding planner asked for our card, and was quite surprised when we told her this was the first time we’ve made wedding cupcakes. People ate nearly all of them and gave great reviews. Congratulations, Karlyn and Morley!

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