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Wedding Review: The end of an era…

October 4, 2011

Well, wedding season has ended, in this house at least. No more weddings in 2011, that I’m aware of. Melissa and Jordan celebrated their marriage this weekend with a gorgeous ceremony at my home church, and a rocking reception at a local banquet hall.

I wasn’t asked to make anything for this wedding, except music, which is a craft in another sense I guess.

The Wedding Singers...

I also made a gift for this bride and groom- instead of buying something from their registry, I offered to design and make 100 custom thank-you cards in their wedding colours. The bride was totally jazzed about this and said that would be perfect, and gave me free reign to design whatever I wanted in red, black, and ivory. Here’s the result:

I capitalized on Michael’s 20% off sale last week- have you seen their little jars full of paper flowers? That is what I used for the flowers on the front and have about 1/3 of the jar left for future crafting. Definitely a product I’ll buy again. The “Thank You” is embossed in a crisp white and the black cardstock had a bit of a woven texture going on.

I’d like to offer you, my loyal and fantastic readers, some thoughts on wedding gifts. I’ve picked out several wedding gifts in the last 3 months, which has given me plenty of opportunity to think about what types of presents are best for a special day. I think these suggestions are fairly universal, and with Christmas coming, maybe they’ll help you.

1. Especially for young couples starting a home of their own, it is great to give the couple something they would otherwise have needed to paid for. Cleaning supplies, pantry items, and basic furniture, (and thank-you cards to send out after the wedding) fall into this category- some of these things will be on the registry, some will take creativity to come up with. I’ve heard of people giving “junk drawers” as a gift- all the little things like staplers and scissors and stamps that a couple would love to have on hand…you don’t have to know them well to think of things they might need, but be sure to check whether they’ve already been given these basic items.

2. Other great gifts are things the couple would enjoy but probably can’t spend money on– gift cards for a nice evening out, items for hobbies, homey decorations, Christmas tree ornaments for their first Christmas together, and throw pillows are just some of the things in this category. These are great if you know the couple well and know what they would enjoy having as “extras”.

3. Don’t be shy about getting a group together to chip in for something the couple really would like- I think most people would prefer to have a dining table to eat at than 6 sets of dishtowels and a bunch of cutting boards. A large, practical gift will be very appreciated and doesn’t necessitate breaking the bank, if you go in with a bunch of other people.

I would really enjoy hearing your thoughts and ideas for awesome gifts. What is the coolest wedding/shower gift you have given or received? Comments are open- send me some love!

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