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Lunch Hour Crafts: Chalkboard Paint Tips

October 5, 2011

Chalkboard surfaces have been pretty popular lately- seems like everyone is blogging about their latest experience with chalkboard/slate paint…and to be honest, some of them look…disappointing.

I know how frustrating it can be when you put all sorts of effort into a craft and it just doesn’t work. Doesn’t. Work. No. Success. That really is a bad feeling. So, here are my no-fail instructions for using chalkboard paint, so that when you (loyal crafters) give it a try, you will find fantastic success.

1. Sand your surface with fine sandpaper, and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Wood is the easiest surfact to turn into a chalkboard, although this paint can be used successfully on all sorts of surfaces. Feel free to experiment.

2. Prime with a spray primer. This helps to fill in the wood grain and give the chalkboard paint a surface to cling to. Let dry thoroughly.

3. Apply 2 normal/thin layers of chalkboard paint- one widthwise, and when that is dry, another lengthwise. Don’t let your cat step in it. Oops.

4. Let the board dry for 24 hours. This will help the paint to set really well.

5. Here’s the secret: colour with chalk over the surface of the whole board. Get into every little crack and crevice. Wipe the dust off with a dry cloth until the board is fairly clean but still looks dusty. This “dusty” look is what helps the board to work perfectly- without it, the chalk doesn’t erase easily and your board won’t look as good as it could.

6. Make a frame from old trim or baseboards lying around your garage (or buy some from a hardware store) and some hot glue or finishing nails.

Done! The end result is a great looking board that works as well (or better) than slate chalkboards. Enjoy!

Would really like to see your comments on this- what do you want to try and use chalkboard paint on? Has it worked well for you?


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