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Recipe: Perfect Sweet Potato Fries

October 20, 2011

I really, really, really like sweet potato fries. I’ve tasted a lot of them (Del Dente’s/Charcoal Steakhouse’s are the very best especially with the selection of dips) and I’ve always been disappointed with any attempts to make them at home. Soggy and moist every time.

Until now.

There’s a trick to getting perfect sweet potato fries and it doesn’t involve deep frying them. Here’s how I did it (all credit for these instructions goes to Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff. Brilliant, I tell you, brilliant. She also has a section all about how much she likes dollar stores. Coolest.)

1. The humble sweet potato. Appreciate. Preheat oven to 420 degrees C.

2. Take the potato (medium/large size is good. The recipe works great with one big potato per sheet) and peel it (with the never-fail Tupperware peeler- classic) and cut it into strips that are around 1cmx1cmxlength. You can experiment with different thicknesses, but you definitely don’t want them too thick. About the width of a Sharpie or a bit smaller seems to work well for me.

3. Get a bag. A large ziploc would be fine. Add 1 tbsp of cornstarch to the bag. Add 1/2 tsp cumin (if you want. Why not?) and add all the sweet potato fries.

4. Shake it like crazy, making sure that the fries are all coated. Put them in a bowl.

5. Don’t they look weird? The cornstarch is what keeps them dry on the outside and moist inside- the perfect sweet potato fry. Drizzle with olive oil (around 1 tbsp) and toss to coat. They might still look dusty. That is okay.

6. Spread them on parchment paper, on a cookie sheet, and make sure they’re not all piled up. Put them in the oven, on a middle rack.

7. While the fries are baking (flip them with a spatula after 12 minutes), put 2 tbsp mayo in a dish and spice it up however you’d like. Pesto, dijon mustard, curry, taco spice, cumin, hot sauce, barbeque sauce, apple butter…the possibilities are endless. Experiment! Do it in small batches, though. You don’t want to be eating curry mayo for the next 3 months. I used a blend of cumin, chili, garlic powder, and salt.

8. The fries are done when they’re fairly crispy and some are starting to brown a bit. Too much baking or fries cut too thin will burn pretty easily, so keep an eye on them. Serve with dip and eat hot!


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  1. Becky permalink
    October 23, 2011 11:21 pm


    Thank you so much for the suggestion of tossing the sweet potatoes in corn starch first. I made them tonight and they were so much better than the baked sweet potato wedges I have been making (I can’t even call what I used to make fries). I probably could have baked mine a little longer – but I was just too hungry to wait.

    And the Tupperware peeler looks very familiar – though my Mom’s was blue:)

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