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Project 6: Ribbon and Pearl Necklace

December 15, 2011

This necklace took me hours to make. Hours! Granted, I was sitting in a dim room watching It’s A Wonderful Life, and not paying as much attention to it as I needed to, but honestly.

I really like crafts that look like there is no way you made that yourself. This is one of those things- deceptively classy. Really, the most tricky parts were finding the ribbon clasps/fasteners, and getting the ribbon to twist how the picture shows. I didn’t find the tutorial very straightforward, but eventually just obsessively arranged every bead and ribbon as the picture showed, one movement at a time, and it seemed to turn out okay, albeit VERY slow.

The ribbon clasps were at Michaels in the jewelry section (10 in a pack) and were super fun to use. Just slide the ribbon in, and hammer it together! I glued the area where the second ribbon joins, so that it wouldn’t come apart and I didn’t want a knot. If you are really paying attention, you’ll see that the pearls are mostly cream coloured, with a few pink. Dim lighting…oops.

Speaking of lighting, can we all just agree that winter is the worst for photographing crafts especially when you have to work during ALL the daylight hours and you can’t take pictures outside cause it rains all the time for a lot of reasons?


Anyways. The original tutorial is here. Try it out! Hopefully it is easier for you than it was for me 🙂

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