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Handmade Baker’s Twine

January 21, 2012

Five things that have been great this week:

1. Cloud dough. This stuff is like cocaine for your fingers. I can’t wait to share it with the kids at Young Moms.

2. The gospel of John. In the “reading through the New Testament” plan (I’m way behind…let’s call it “savouring every chapter”), the first three gospels began blurring together a bit. I get the feeling that Matthew, Mark, and Luke were pretty tight and possibly penned their books while sipping lattes but John seemed to have missed the coffee date. The change of pace is exciting.

3. Family trips to Ikea. I got those thin tall muffin cups from Ikea as a little gift last week and realized I can’t use them without the Ikea muffin tin (clever how they do that…) and so we got that and a few other things (hello, vanilla candles) and cinnamon buns on the way out.

4. Home-made baker’s twine. This was a fun little morning project off my craft pinboard– really simple instructions here.

5. A baby shower last night for a family in our church- who have been waiting and hoping for a baby for so many years and were blessed with a son last week. It was possibly the best party we’ve thrown and there were songs and gifts and games and food and I think we should do it every week. Meadowvale needs to adopt more babies so we can have more parties. Who’s with me??

I’m sharing this project here:

The Pinterest Challenge

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