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Missing in [Crafting] Action

February 3, 2012

I wouldn’t call this “neglecting the blog”…more like “drawing out your eager anticipation of the next awesome post”. Go ahead and roll your eyes. I did too…don’t worry, I am working on a few projects and am excited to post them pretty soon.

Recent awesome finds: tons of big pillar candles for $0.25 and tealights for 100/$1 at Superstore…I used some of them to fill up the mantle over the fireplace. I was trying to ration my candle usage and now I don’t need to at all! I guess my views on candles are that if you’re going to burn something, you shouldn’t pay much for it. That really explains why I dislike fireworks! Wow, self discovery.

Here’s what I’ve been eyeing on Pinterest lately. It is kind of a testament to my longing for a little apartment to decorate, but maybe that era will be coming soon. A girl can dream!

1. Ombre nightstand 2. Ombre shower curtain 3. Twinkle Light art 4. Distressed plank desk 5. Mirror tile lights hanging 6. Map garland

I also have the wonderful privilege of  teaching a crafting badge to the girls at Gems. It is so pleasant to create together for hours at a time! Last night we made felt flowers on headbands and hairclips and the girls made such beautiful stuff. It was so quiet most of the time because everyone was concentrating on using their glue guns and picking colours. Can’t wait till next week- I’m thinking some mixed media art pieces and maybe even pendulum painting!

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