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Next Time You Need A Baby Shower Gift…

February 10, 2012

…check out the beautiful diaper cakes made by my friend Robin at her appropriately named store, Robin’s Nest!

Robin has been making these beautiful diaper cakes for all sorts of people and the gifts are always so treasured by new mommas and are the centerpiece of the party- everytime I see one of these cakes it makes me briefly consider procuring a baby of my own, mostly for the sake of getting a Robin’s Nest cake (oh, and for this). On top of that, I am so excited when any of my friends, like Robin, use their amazing creative skills to bless people with beautiful baby swag. Warms my heart.

Check out Robin’s website and consider ordering a diaper cake for your next party- it makes a fabulous centerpiece too! She’s working on some for wedding showers and housewarming parties- can’t wait to see those on the website! She has a knack for finding beautiful ways of styling the cakes and including all sorts of baby items (blankets, toys, books, clothes) and other sweet surprises.

PS- Robin isn’t a sponsor or anything like that, so this shout out is entirely because her diaper cakes are beautiful and she has great ideas for bringing joy and fun to families and their little ones.

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