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Handmade Baker’s Twine

January 21, 2012

Five things that have been great this week:

1. Cloud dough. This stuff is like cocaine for your fingers. I can’t wait to share it with the kids at Young Moms.

2. The gospel of John. In the “reading through the New Testament” plan (I’m way behind…let’s call it “savouring every chapter”), the first three gospels began blurring together a bit. I get the feeling that Matthew, Mark, and Luke were pretty tight and possibly penned their books while sipping lattes but John seemed to have missed the coffee date. The change of pace is exciting.

3. Family trips to Ikea. I got those thin tall muffin cups from Ikea as a little gift last week and realized I can’t use them without the Ikea muffin tin (clever how they do that…) and so we got that and a few other things (hello, vanilla candles) and cinnamon buns on the way out.

4. Home-made baker’s twine. This was a fun little morning project off my craft pinboard– really simple instructions here.

5. A baby shower last night for a family in our church- who have been waiting and hoping for a baby for so many years and were blessed with a son last week. It was possibly the best party we’ve thrown and there were songs and gifts and games and food and I think we should do it every week. Meadowvale needs to adopt more babies so we can have more parties. Who’s with me??

I’m sharing this project here:

The Pinterest Challenge


Make Lace Candle Jars

January 11, 2012

Since lace is so big right now, and since I bought a giant vintage lace tablecloth, I thought it would be fun to do some more lace crafts. Here’s what I made last night while watching Fear Factor (that show. is. awful.) and I am already enjoying them.

my candle jars

The one on the left is strips of quilting cotton applied with lots of podge. The one on the right is, you guessed it, lace applied with podge. Simple and sweet!

Here were some of my inspiration pins.


Now I want to make a whole bunch of them for the mantle!

I’m sharing this project here:

The Pinterest Challenge

Clementine Candles: Do They Really Work?

January 10, 2012

This was another pin that I had seen so many times and always rolled my eyes at. Rolling your eyes that much hurts after a while. Not healthy. So, I stopped eye rolling and made one myself.

my little clementine candle!

It worked! It was tricky to separate the “wick” from the flesh of the orange but i dried the wick with a napkin before filling it with oil, and after a few seconds with the lighter the wick caught flame. Really cool experiment. Try it out!

Here’s my inspiration:

click for link!

Upcycle DIY: Wide T-Shirt and Lace Scarf

January 6, 2012

The Pinterest execs (does Pinterest even have executives?) seem to have a secret mandate to make sure everything in the whole world is covered in lace by the middle of 2012 (Lace plates, lace phones, lace hi-tops, lace nails). Maybe they make commission on every spool of lace sold at national craft chains or perhaps its just an unnatural appreciation for the vintage look, but trust me, there is something there. I’m okay with it.

This scarf uses lace from a thrifted table cloth ($5) and an XL men’s t-shirt ($3). The thrift store we visited had probably 25 of this style of tablecloth and runner – no shortage of lace to repurpose into lacy sweet scarves.

To start, cut the bottom hem off the shirt, and cut a 14″ strip from the body of the shirt.

Cut through it to make a 14″x50″ (length is approximate, depending on the size of your shirt) rectangle and set it aside.

Cut sections of lace 14″x20″ and trim the tops and bottoms according to the pattern of the lace to add some visual interest. Don’t worry about symmetry.

Pin the lace to the end of the scarf, overlapping by at least 3″. Using thread that matches the lace and thread on the bobbin that matches the scarf, sew across the bottom 14″ edge of the scarf, straight across the lace (to secure it in place). Sew up the sides to the top of the lace and follow the pattern of the edge of the lace to the other side, sewing back down to the edge of the scarf. Repeat on the other side.

The best part? There is more than enough lace in a tablecloth for a few scarves to make for all sorts of people who can rock a little lace.

Inspired by this pin.

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I’m sharing this project here:

The Pinterest Challenge

2011: Year In Review at natashagoes

January 1, 2012

It is officially 2012 and I’m not ready to go to bed. It has been a weird night and I have some thoughts that I was hoping to wrap the year up with on here. So, if you’ve stuck around this blog long enough to read a post that isn’t really about crafts, thank you!

I started this little home on the internet as a place to reflect on social justice and didn’t tell many people about it. It was kind of a joke at first. I took a hiatus and decided I’d really like to use the blog to share creativity. I started posting about crafts and life and God and crafts and more crafts. Here are some that you liked:

T-Shirt Headbands

Owl Handwarmers

In the summer, I started an Etsy store to raise money for Safe Refuge International. It was really fun to learn how to run that and to get better at taking photos of the things I was making.

You know what the best part of it is? Because of your generosity and love and encouragement, that little shop has raised over $630 for women and children in the Philippines and I am so thankful that you’d bless them in that way. I can’t even begin to imagine how God will use Safe Refuge this year and I’m glad we all get to join in with what is going on there. Thank you!!!

So, nearly 10,000 hits to these craft posts and countless moments of learning and inspiration and creativity and beauty along the way, here we are. 2012. Wherever you find yourselves this year, make it one of imagination and life. Thank you for being a part of what is going on in this little place!

From the long days of October. Sunshine and (almost) summertime.

Project 25: Camera Strap Cover

December 31, 2011

This was a quick little tester project that I am hoping to make again a bit more carefully (like, actually measure fabric and cut straight…) but it is still a fun way to dress up a boring camera strap. Also, I added some padding by quilting the material, so it is a bit easier on the neck!

It is based loosely on this pin, but I added a pocket for my lens cap and ignored some of the other details.

Project 24: Flower Puff Clothespins

December 31, 2011

Here’s the second style of clothespin that I used to dress up the gift in the last post. I just painted the top in turquoise and used hot glue to fix on a little puff flower made of old dishtowel fabric.

These were inspired by this pin (click through the pin to get to the author’s tutorial- it is great!).